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Gas Detector Gas LPG-104N ND Shin Woo
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Gas Detector Gas LPG-104N ND Shin Woo Gas Detector LPG This is best for Gas detector used to detect leakage of LPG at home! Specifications: Gas Detector Model: ND N 104 Power On (switch): Green Led lights the Red Led turns off and misinterpret. Standby: Lights Green Misinterpret; The Red LED Light Goes Out Sensor Indication: LED Lights Green Yi: voice of prolonged Beeps Sound level: Above 90dB Reset: Self-restoring Mounting location: close to the floor or 30 cm from LPG Gas Tube Sensor type: Semiconductor/Hot-wire type Response Time: within 20 seconds Room temperature:-10 Deg. C ~ 50 Deg C Power: AC 220V ~ 2W Max Standby, Alarm Conditions Max 3W Weight: 450 grams/unit Size: T

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